Regular Transmission Care Can Save You Thousands

For many people, transmission care isn't something that jumps to your mind when considering regular care maintenance. However, regular maintenance done by trusted professionals can keep your transmission running smoothly for hundreds of thousands of miles, saving you time and money.

Automatic Transmission

New generation automatic transmissions operate very differently from the transmissions that were used on older model vehicles. Specifically, modern automatic transmissions are controlled by electronic solenoids and the PCM, or “brain” of your vehicle. This regulates which gear your transmission is in and allows the transmission to shift into the correct gear when necessary.

     Early detection is the number one way to save yourself valuable time and money, that’s why it’s important to pay attention to your owner’s manual, especially when considering how often your transmission needs to be inspected and serviced. At Ronnie Smith Transmission we maintain up-to-date knowledge and training, so you can trust that we are always prepared for your transmission needs.  

Standard Transmission & Clutch

     While automatic transmissions have changed drastically from earlier models, the opposite is true for standard transmissions, which still operate much the same as they always have. Standard transmissions are primarily operated through the clutch pedal and engine speed, which operate a system of gears and synchronizers, so that when the clutch assembly is applied, the shifter will drop down into the next gear.

     Even though automatic and standard transmissions operate completely differently, making sure your transmission is being serviced and maintained on the appropriate schedule is key to a long and happy transmission life. With years of experience and an extensive library of knowledge dating back decades, Ronnie Smith Transmission has the qualifications to maintain your standard transmission and keep you on the road for years to come.

Transfer Case Units

   A transfer case is a vehicle part which is present in four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles that transfers torque from the transmission to the back and front axels, depending on the type of vehicle. For regular every day drivers, a stock transfer case can help regulate your engine on graded dirt roads or in slick road conditions. However, if your hobbies include rock crawling, mud running, or any other all-terrain vehicle activities, the use and abilities of your transfer case become much more concerning. The transfer case can multiply your engine torque and provide more traction for getting yourself, or others, out of a sticky situation.  

     Just like a transmission, the inspection and service time for your transfer case is determined in your owner’s manual and should be followed as closely as possible, especially when considering how much stress it is under and how often it is engaged. For people who are dependent on their transfer case unit’s, Ronnie Smith Transmission prides itself on being a reliable service provider

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